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Sneep success

September 2013

Sneep Success

One of my favorite target fish is the “Sneep”. This fish inspires me because of his strange nose and big eyes but most of all because it’s very hard to catch. I like a challenge and specimen fishing on Sneep is one of them. There is a small population of Sneep in The Netherlands and if it is caught it is mainly a rare fish to catch.

Sneep lives in schools and is very depending on variances in its habitat. It needs clean oxygenated water and large rocks for algae but also clean pebbles. One of my Sneep swims is located in Luxembourg, and since I was already there with Ade Kiddell to fish for Barbel the coming few days, we decided to sacrifice a few hours to target the Sneep.

Once we arrived at the swim we started with feeding hemp and maggots. We enhanced the Sonubatis hemp with the Sonubaits Super Sea Weed shake flavor. The hemp was catapulted towards the swim and the maggots were scoured in order to make them sink properly.

Float fishing is my favorite way to fish Sneep by using a very light float mounted on a Korum CS 13ft float rod with a 8lb Xpert reel line.

After less than an hour we see the first Sneep flanking in the water and my confidence increases seriously after more fish are joining the small school of fish. They look a lot like Barbel but Sneep swim deeper, almost glued to the bottom looking like flashing pancakes in the water. After a number of drifts we fine-tuned the setup to the conditions and not long after that Ade catches his first Sneep ever. Together we enjoy a great catch, a beautiful 4.2lb, 49 cm specimen.

A serious amount of hemp and maggots are fed to the swim again and not long after that it is my turn…..Fish on! My CS 13ft float rod absorbs the escape attempts beautifully and after a few minutes I’m the winner of a short but heavy fight. A wonderful specimen is showing itself off in the 22” Folding Spoon net. A great tool to land fish under these circumstances!

Again we feed a short period of time but the number of flanking fish has dramatically decreased, possibly by a disturbed swim. With both a fish in the net and less than an hour to go, every next catch is to be considered a bonus! 3 Minutes within “injury time” I manage to catch my second Sneep. This time on a cocktail of two maggots and a fake Korum Natural Red Maggot! After an extensive measure and weight session a new PB is lying on my unhooking mat. 5.11lb and 54cm!

I’m over the moon!